Camper at night

Caravanning in Herefordshire

Herefordshire is a great region to choose for caravanning as there are plenty of different camp sites and plenty of different activities to keep everyone in the family entertained. From woodlands to lakes to hiking you will have plenty to do. In addition, many of the top caravan sites have activities for younger children within […]

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Herefordshire Places

Herefordshire’s Towns and City As Herefordshire is located in a rural setting close to the borders of Wales and Gloucestershire, much of the landscape is taken over by farmland, unspoilt countryside, and parts of the Malvern Hills and Wye Valley.  While there are many quiet villages, there are also a collection of small towns, and […]

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Tracing Family Histories

Genealogy, or tracing family history, can prove to be a fascinating hobby, revealing details about the past, and family members going back generations. For someone new to this, it can seem like something of a minefield, but there are plenty of sources of information and advice out there to help you build up a family […]

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