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Caravanning in Herefordshire

Herefordshire is a great region to choose for caravanning as there are plenty of different camp sites and plenty of different activities to keep everyone in the family entertained. From woodlands to lakes to hiking you will have plenty to do. In addition, many of the top caravan sites have activities for younger children within the property making it a more enticing activity for families.

One thing that you will want to consider when choosing a camp site in Herefordshire is the type of pitches that are available. Ideally you want a gentle slope so that any water or whatnot drains away from your caravan. This will save you from having to step out into muddy messes in the morning if it happens to rain during the night. In addition, a hedge or trees are great for providing protection and for offering shade during the day so that does not get too heated on the camp site.

Of course, you are also going to have to consider the size of your caravan before choosing a camp site and a pitch. Larger caravans are going to have different size demands than smaller ones and can often end up being more expensive as well. For this reason, you want to be careful that you get the right type of caravan for your needs when you are looking at caravan sales. After all, you may not be just paying a bit more now, but a bit more later as well.

As mentioned, you need to decide in advance what you want to do on holiday to make sure that you choose the best Herefordshire camp site. Malvern Hills for example offers a great deal of activities and sightseeing opportunities so you might want to choose a camp site nearby if you want to explore on your holiday.

Herefordshire itself has plenty of rolling countryside and gently sloping meadows so if you are looking to hike then you can pick almost anywhere, unless have a specific trail head or area in mind then you will want to stay close to it. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a place to relax and unwind for a week or so that you might have a better time at a Herefordshire holiday park.

These parks are generally all inclusive and outside of offering you a place to park your caravan or the week also offer plenty of activities. In general you can expect to have entertainment centres on the park grounds, play parks for young children, and sometimes even shows and planned activity hours depending on which holiday park you choose.

Therefore, you need to think carefully when planning out your holiday to make sure that you choose the best location for your entire family. It may take you a little bit more time now to sort through your different options and choose a spot, but in the end you will end up enjoying your holiday a lot more making it much more practical to spend a little time now and less money later.